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The Liberty & Property Legends, A saga of The West & Gilded Age in reading order: HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels (Volume one), EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby (Volume two), FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose (Volume three), THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE Deceived (Volume four), A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 1 Rise of Hope, and A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 2 Return of Hope (Volume five).

Who doesn't love sweepstakes?

For readers in North America this March, there is the chance to win a copy of EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY in the Rebecca's Reads Sweepstakes! As you probably know, EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY has received some terrific reviews, such as this latest write up in That's Life! Fast Fiction

This second instalment in the Liberty
& Property Legends trilogy sees the
ghastly consequences of Ed Parsons’
land grab, and the accompanying
murder, begin to spread. Ambitious
reporter Emmaline Roberts arrives in
Cheyenne to investigate and is soon
relying on the not-so-tender mercies
of Sheriff Cliff Ryan to stay alive. A
sprawling Western, with the scope
and intrigue of a great soap, this
story makes for compulsive reading.
Reviewed by Anthony Lambert

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And good luck!