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The Liberty & Property Legends, A saga of The West & Gilded Age America: HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels (Volume 1), EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby (Volume 2), FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose (Volume 3) and THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE Deceived (Volume 4).

Branding stings but it's all worth it in the long run

Preparations are underway for the release later this year of the third volume in The Liberty & Property Legends. I'm busy with revisions, editing, proof-reading... For sometime past I've been looking at branding, a marketing term that in essence means the Legends' covers need to look like a series. Considering the books flow directly from one to the next, this is a smart move. With six volumes planned, the process was a challenging one. The result is a very different look and something that I hope is easy to read, eye-catching and recognisable as my saga when a potential reader is browsing the online bookshelves!